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Guest: James Ronald Whitney
Subject: ""
Air date: April 11, 2001

Our next guest is the director of a documentary that is currently in production entitled, "". Please welcome James Ronald after putting himself into adult film boot camp... can't wait to see what that is... he followed this woman around and this was her dream...and... Before we talk about that, you did another documentary called "Just, Melvin" and I've was very highly acclaimed and it just got sold to HBO, right? They're going to air it in April? Is that right?

Yea, ironically you just had a clip of "The Sopranos," and ...("Just, Melvin") airs April 22, right after...

...right after "The Sopranos." So it's on Sunday night?


JENNY JONES This is the world premiere of "Just, Melvin," and this, also I heard, this is the most money that HBO has ever paid for a documentary. So, congratulations about that. (applause)

WHITNEY Thanks, thanks.

JENNY JONES So, ""... I mean how...A friend of yours comes over and says, "I need to get some hits for my Web site" ...Tell us what happened?

WHITNEY A year ago today I got an email from a very, very close friend of mine, and she said that her little kid is now four years old, and she had no money to pay the bills. He was in home schooling, because she couldn't afford pre-school. They didn't have insurance, and she said, "I've decided to get involved in this new venture and I want you to help me with it, but forget that it has to do with sex"... because she knew I'd probably have an aversion...especially coming out of a movie dealing with child molestation.

JENNY JONES ... and you'd never seen any porn?

WHITNEY No...not that I'm against porn, but I've never been in...

JENNY JONES Why don't we go to tape right now... we'll just take a little look at the clip... we'll continue talking in a second. Watch this.


WHITNEY ...So I decided that if a child psychologist was okay with a mother becoming a porn star, then I'd do whatever I could to make Sharon's business successful.


WHITNEY ...Most porn stars are never known personally, only professionally. But I thought it was important for Sharon to be seen as both a friend, mother, daughter even an ex-wife in order for the audience to get to know her, and care about her.


WHITNEY ...Sharon was nervous about telling her mother about her new career, and asked us to be there for moral support


WHITNEY ...Well, obviously nobody knows more about the adult entertainment industry than the porn stars themselves but I also wanted to ask these experts what they thought about religion, their parents, their finances, and whether or not they had kids.


WHITNEY ...Well things don't always go as planned. Sharon didn't exactly turn out to be the amateur porn star she thought she wanted to be

JENNY JONES Wow, and then...people can watch, they can check it out and we'll have information on our Web site but it was great having you on our show. Thank you so much.

WHITNEY It was great.

JENNY JONES ...wish we had more time, but we've got to say goodbye...We want to thank all of our guests. Thank you all very, very much. Thank you. (to the audience) Thanks for watching.

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