See interview with Rex Reed & other Critics on Games People Play: New York (may take a long download time to get the entire clip-5.6MB).

REX REED on "Telling Nicholas"

"At a time of universal emotional crisis, Ron Whitney's "Telling Nicholas" is a wonderful, vibrant film that revived my faith in humanity through the wisdom and courage of children. It's poignant and positive and downright restorative. The fragile bonding of two youngsters from different worlds---immune to the same prejudice, anger and terror impacting the grownups around them in the tragic aftermath of 9/11---forms an unforgettable footnote to history that says volumes about the indestructibility of the human heart."


REX REED on "Games People Play: New York"

"'GAMES PEOPLE PLAY' is a very special film from a very original director -- grounded in the fast-track pulse of now, but so fresh, moving, outrageous and smart it's unlike anything you've seen before, with enough shocks and constant surprises to knock you right out of your shoes!"


REX REED on "The Working"

These are not your grandmother's working girls. Sad, funny, shocking, infuriating, provocative, informative, energetic, and in your face...this remarkable film is all of this and more. The only thing it isn't... is boring. You won't get this stuff in the pages of Cosmo.



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